Learn from others' mistakes

Improve your language skills by learning from how we corrected others.

Coach Halverson-Maloney,

I am very excited to be attending your Elite Camp
onfrom 10 July 10th-12th.to 12 July. Specifically, I am looking forward to receiving individual feedback, meeting and training with other players my age, and learning about how I can strengthen my overall game. I think that attending th.....

It would be great if you can help us understand Sirjit's role (whether he will be in a managing role only or will support in transition from Neha). Further, Linh has sent a separate email for staff charge rate and leave (Annual leave and Public holidays) plan for the team. Please don't hesitate to i.....

Hello Jeff , Daniel ,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Corina L. Johnson. Going forward
, I will be your new accountAccount Manager should you need anything. I have reviewed your account. I have all the same special discounts in place for you. In addition , I have attached the new color flyer on .....

Hello Team!

So, apparently
wewe've been classifying the commodity for Aniprotein incorrectaniprotein incorrectly. Ariel is working with Tokio marineMarine to add the correct commodity, but in the meantime, please make sure to handle the certificate properly.

The correct commodity for aniprotein (when applying Bulk Commoditi

Dear Mrs. Martins,
myMy name is Pheladi. i am currentlyI will be finishing my diploma in Electrical engineering Engineering this semester and I would like to inquire about PCGE if i dowhether I meet the requirements and iffor PCGE. If not, what modules can iI register asfor a non degreenon-degree to qualify.qualify?

Having some daily talk in English with my kids who are fluent in English

WatchingWatch TV serialsseries which are easy to understand (e.g., Home and Away) and take some notes
Talk in English with the colleague at work
Practice speaking and listening tasks covered in class

Hi, i wanaI want to type a formal email to a company. iI will send uyou a sample



We are
a companyan organization that wantwants to produce a large amount of air masks.
Our company
addessaddress is ........
And the website is ........

We are working as
a charity and needwant to request a sample fromof all types of .....

By the time Cynthia books the flight to Iceland, she _______will have called her sister about the visit.

1. has called
2. will has called
3. calls
4. will have called
5. called


Thanks for providing us with this info.

Our attorney has finally received a check from the courts on a matter we were waiting for the judge to sign off on
, so that we can take care of invoices.

We are now just waiting on our attorney to cut us a check
, which, she advised today, will be mailed out via pr.....

This is the final memorandum to you all. I remind you to kindly acknowledge me with your reasons for not completing the CPC reports on time.

One night I havehad a terrible dream and I had wakewoke up sweating and trembling in my bed. The dream was about a man ( I can clearly remember his wrinkled face ), who chased me because he was sure that I stealhad stolen his wallet. In my dream I tried to explain to the furious man what happendhad happened to his wallet, b.....

Abstract: The comparative study of Hdt. III, 129-130 and of NV Reg. L-LII ed. Tulli, in relation to the chronology and the historical dynamics of the period (522-519 BC), allows to observethe observance of the almost perfect temporal succession between the failure of the Egyptian physicians to heal the King D.....

When I arrived at Joan's house to pick her up for a ride to London, she was still getting ready.
There are now plenty of wonderful restaurants in my town that
didn'tweren't use to be around when I was a student.
At that moment
, Paul had realized that his life could change only if he wanted it to change.
Did you
use to buy.....

Dear Sir
My name is Pheladi Mello
, student no (216233631)216233631. ,Dr Nkosi and I spoke with you over the phone yesterday regarding about company visitation in Tokai, and also to reopenreopening Blackboard so that I can be able to upload my documents and my details of company visitations form.

To evaluate the reproducibility of the scales, the intraclass correlation coefficient was calculated. Cronbach’s alpha was calculated to investigate the internal consistency of the scales. Values exceeding 0.70 are considered acceptable. Item-total correlation, adjusted for specific items, was also .....

HIHi, Amy,.

I hope you had a nice weekend.

Just wanted to make you aware
. that I will be heading back to NJ on Wednesday for a visit.

I will be back on Monday, June 25th.

If you need anything from me, please let me know.


Hi, Dr. Gardner,
name is Jackson Wysong and I'm a local Boy Scout from Troop 244. I was wondering if the elementary school had any service I could do to count for my Eagle Scout Project.Project? If we need to set a meeting up, just let me know.


Jackson Wysong.....

Team - I am very sorry, the doctor has advised me to take complete bed rest for 3 days.
If you have any work which I can do, please route to me
. ( I can make calls).

Happy Father’s Day to the two most important men in my life! Anthony, Happy First Father’s Day, babe! cantI can't believe we’ve been together fourfor four years. we’veWe’ve had so many bumps in the road, but I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything in this world. I know that we started our future a little earlier.....

I want to wish Lamont Gary a Happy Father’s Day! I want you to know that I am so proud of you and the Father/Personfather/person that youryou're maturing be! You’ve been doing real goodreally well and I thank you for everything that you’ve done for me and your kids! Like I said, youryou're the real MVP , and I’ve never andI will never turn my .....